CAMPARI Conclusion + Free Cocktail Recipe

If you just joined the series, click here to read the Introduction to the CAMPARI framework.

We have looked at each of the key areas, which are essential in assessing a request to borrow money. CAMPARI is a very useful tool for Managers to be guided by and ensures that all the key points of your request are reviewed. The main purpose of CAMPARI is to stimulate debate and discussion, either during the Manager’s self assessment while reviewing the request, or with his superiors if your request has to be referred to a higher authority.

As a recap, please click on each of these letters that stands for a part of the assessment process:








Remember that each of the areas are looked at from the angle of whether it’s a strength or weakness, so take a good look at your request and ‘CAMPARI’ yourself! Doing this will help you think like a Banker.

On the other hand, you may decide to prepare this fabulous CAMPARI Cocktail and share with your Bank Manager (lol!).


Campari Mint Spritz

An evolution of Campari spritz with a hint of mint and a smooth cranberry flavor that reveal an unexpected refreshing taste.

– 1 part Campari
– 1 part cranberry juice
– 3 parts prosecco (sparkling white wine)
– 5 fresh mint leaves


METHOD: BUILD – This technique is used to prepare cocktails that do not need to be mixed and do not need to be chilled before serving (ice cubes are placed directly inside the glass).


GLASS: WINE GLASS – Size: from 30cl to 60cl


Pour all ingredient into a wine glass, add the fresh mint leaves to the top and stir gently.

To your success!

Olanrewaju Oniyitan