From Idea to Reality – Celebrating Metro Taxi

Transportation in Lagos State is a catalyst for growth if Lagos must attain its ambition of becoming a global destination of choice. It is common knowledge that Lagos has witnessed a population explosion in the last two decades. Our idea of a taxi service that will change the face of transportation in the State (and indeed Nigeria) is one built on transparency of fares, this offers unrivalled value for money spent by customers. This was the dream behind the establishment of Metro Taxi. The project was not only successful for Metro Taxi, but also fun for W-Holistic Business Solutions. It’s great to work in our local community and everyone on our team feels a sense of pride seeing the Metro Taxi logo whizzing around town. 

Metro Taxi Limited set out to be an innovative customer oriented company, with the sole aim of providing unparallel transportation service for both individual and corporate bodies. Incorporated on the 1st of September 2008, Metro Taxi obtained its licence to operate within the Lagos metropolis from Lagos State Ministry of Transportation on the 11th of March, 2009. By October 2010, Metro Taxi commenced full operations of its dedicated services within the Lagos metropolis and has invariable changed the face of public transportation in the state. W-Holistic Business Solutions assisted the management in taking Metro Taxi From Idea To Reality.

We assisted in reviewing the taxi industry in London and Dubai and extracted best practices that could be adopted. We then went further to identify the target audience for the service and developed and administered a questionnaire to understand their unique needs. This helped us in developing the winning business plan for the business.

and the outcome? Just ask the Metro guys;
The business became a reality with debt financing from a local bank for the first fifty (50) luxury taxis and subsequently the next one hundred (100). Over a 110 jobs were created with the launch of the business.

Metro is the only metered Taxi operator in Nigeria that guarantees you pay for what is used. These goals we have achieve having set in motion a technologically driven operating system that offers dispatch technology service, 24hours call centre, metered vehicles, tracking device and an Insurance cover for both passengers and drivers. Metro Taxi was established with one goal in mind – service excellence combined with the most competitive rates in the market along with timely and reliable transfer service. Every Metro Taxi has been rigorously checked and certified road worthy.

Today, we celebrate Metro as the market leader in the taxi service industry. Our team at W-Holistic Business Solutions is proud to have contributed to this success story. Do not take our word that Metro Taxi is a success story. The media has this to say: