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Health Forever

Health Forever Products Limited (HFPL), a manufacturer of health remedies that assists the human body to fight against and prevent the causes of life threatening diseases was looking to formally launch its products to the rest of the world but could not decide which country to pilot and the market entry strategy.

We extracted and analysed their Paypal account to access the online customers to locate the countries where their products were mostly purchased. We then developed a questionnaire that was administered to the customers from the top three locations to understand drivers and barriers to the purchase. Finally we analysed the results, focusing on the client’s pressing questions.

Outcome? The client was able to clearly identify the U.S. market as the market to pilot based on the Paypal customer analysis. Based on the insights provided, we worked with the client to develop a marketing strategy for their products in the pilot country. Following the implementation of the marketing strategy, online sales tripled.

We are happy to be the advisers to Health Forever Products Limited and the success of this company we believe is yet to be fully realised. We are proud of our past, current and continuous work with HFPL. See some of the Press Releases about HFPL below:



“You have brought meaning into business organization, structure and management. I can see and feel our company as a light blue-chip company. All thanks to you…”

– Abimbola Okubena (Director)