W-HBS Founder Volunteers At The UVA Soup Kitchen

Our Founder, Olanrewaju Oniyitan volunteered at the Unveiling Africa Foundation (UVA) Christmas Soup Kitchen.

UVA held this exciting Christmas Soup Kitchen in Agege, Lagos where together with its teenagers fed at least 700 people. Volunteers ranged from toddlers (believe me! – they were our Founder’s beautiful twins and their friend) to teenagers, and to adults.The kids in the community also had a fabulous time dancing away to the Christmas tunes.

The next Soup Kitchen will be coming up very soon.. You really don’t want to miss it.. We wouldn’t miss it in W-HBS.

Also, if you are interested in organising a Soup Kitchen on behalf of Unveiling Africa Foundation in an area of your choice, please contact us!

Below are some pictures of the event. Have fun viewing.