W-HBS Partners With JAKIN N.G.O. On Fresh Foundation Initiative

How do we give freely while at the same time not fostering further dependence, which is dehumanizing and psychologically damaging for the needy person, or at least the person who is potentially capable of meeting his or her own needs.

Fresh foundation project is an initiative of JAKIN N.G.O. It is a highly subsidized basic business management principles, re-orientation, computer application, and office automation machine training program to reform and empower indigent and out-of-school youths in the lower class of Lagos State.

The overarching strategy is to empower youths with entrepreneurship and employability skills. The FRESH FOUNDATION PROJECT is an initiative that contributes to an overall program mission:

“To empower the less privileged members of society and help them become independent, responsible citizens”

Jakin N.G.O is registered as JAKINMINIS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE i.e. an N.G.O allowed to trade. The organization founded by Mrs Olubukola Adebiyi was established on October 12th 2003 and it began operations on November 30th 2003 in Lagos State. It is a non – governmental organization with an overall aim of solving some of the social ills in our society and ultimately striving in assisting Nigeria in meeting the Millennium Development Goals [MDGs].

Project Objectives & Outcomes





Provision of basic computer application skills, the operation of office automation machines such as binders, photocopiers and scanners, and the basic training on skills for an office assistant.

Transformation of its beneficiaries into skilful and efficient potential employees of business centres and administrative offices with outstanding ethics, which would contribute to eradicating poverty.


The basic business management skills training will impart in youths the basic knowledge required to help them contribute to the growth of businesses.

Transformation of beneficiaries into potential entrepreneurs and employees with basic business management skills required helping them build and grow sustainable businesses.


The re-orientation session is geared at changing the poor perception of life and purpose of existence among youths.

Help youths discover their potentials, stir up a drive in them to fulfil their dreams and also become worthy reformation agents in their communities.

Overall, the program is expected to be a life changing experience and an opportunity to have a fresh start at life.


How W-HBS is assisting JAKIN N.G.O.

In 2009, W-HBS assisted JAKIN N.G.O. to develop the Fresh Foundation strategy. We also assisted in documenting the project plan that served as a blueprint for implementation. Click here, to read more about the project.

In the implementation phase, W-HBS facilitates the Business Planning module and Employability/Job Search module.