W-HBS speaks to the University of Lagos students at the Job Creation and Entrepreneurial Skills Seminar

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos approved that the Job Creation and Entrepreneurial Skills Seminar be organized for University of Lagos students by the Counselling Unit, Students’ Affairs Division, University of Lagos on Thursday, 13th June, 2013 at the University Multi-Purpose Hall A & B by 9.00a.m.

Consequently, the CEO was invited to take the primary topic for the day – How to Start A New Business & The Challenges Of A Young Entrepreneur.

During this interactive and fun session, the CEO introduced the topic with:


In addition, as an introduction, four (4) myths were discussed and debunked.



The participants were also walked through the 15 Distillation questions to guide them through the process of researching and evaluating the ideas they have identified.

Our CEO’s final words were:

“A lot of times we think we can never fail. What happens is that we put our all in it —- all our money, all our friends and family’s funds, borrowed money, etc. This is often a recipe for failure because it takes our focus from actually making the business work. What we need to do is to start small.

 Take one product and try it with one customer who is not a family or friend, and see if they buy it. Then continue this process. Get feedback during the process that will help refine your strategy. Then you make it work on a small scale, make it work consistently……GET YOUR PROOF OF CONCEPT. Thereafter, that’s the time to go big.”

Do you agree?