W-HBS is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and building economically sound enterprises ranging from — Micro Enterprises, Small & Medium Enterprises, Rural Enterprises, Green Enterprises, Youth Enterprises, Women-Owned Enterprises, State-Run Enterprises — that would ultimately result in attracting investment, generating healthy revenues, creating employment and adding value to the economy.

Our approach to enterprise development is grounded in years of research and market-tested approaches to how entrepreneurs and leaders can start, grow and exit businesses.


Enterprise strategy, business models and business plans.
Our goal is to work with you to develop a roadmap to launch or grow your business whether it be an early stage strategic plan, expansion/growth plan, exit plan,……. or developed for investors, bank, grant, operational purposes … or developing inclusive business models. We are sure partners to provide a solution tailored to your unique needs. We never want a client to leave our firm without a completed plan. Hence, we have created 4 OPTIONS to achieve it. We also provide wrap around services such as strategy retreats, business diagnostics, functional reviews, institutionalisation; access to finance, market & knowledge; amongst others.

Enterprise effectiveness.
W-HBS helps clients improve performance and make their organisations better places to work by ensuring the entire organisation system is aligned and set up to deliver on the company’s objectives.

Organisation Design & Operating Model: We partner with clients to help them design and implement operating models that translate strategy into effective execution, to deliver results.

Talent Management & Leadership Supply: We help in recruiting the right people and with the capabilities to achieve priorities. We further assist to ensure their goals and measures align with the organisation’s priorities. We work with clients to put processes in place to develop the skills and capabilities that employees and leadership team will need for future success (and managing exit as the need arises).

Measures & Incentives: We help create dynamic performance measurement with a focus on what really matters to the business. We also help devise tailored compensation systems that will reward actions and behaviors that advance the organisation’s goals and drive decision effectiveness.

High Performance Culture: We help clients define the values and create high performance culture. We can further help with maintaining the culture through trainings and communication. We also recommend the organisational changes necessary to support the new culture–for example, altering incentives, redistributing decision rights or streamlining processes. Finally, we can also help track progress as the culture evolves to make sure performance stays high.

Social Protection Programs: We work with governments, private sector, multilateral agencies, in the design and implementation of comprehensive social protection programs to move households out of extreme poverty by creating economic opportunities for the poor.

Enterprise linkages, cooperation and clustering.
A lot of enterprises are not aware of the economic opportunity out in the local or international market. We help promote enterprise linkages that will improve their bottom-line. We can help large corporates and multinationals identify MSMEs as suppliers and develop them. Our team is equipped to enhance supplier readiness to trade on a national and international level.

We support cooperation amongst enterprises either as associations, groups or cooperatives. Cooperation plays a key role in building inclusive ecosystems and can bolster the ability of firms of all sizes to grow and create jobs. We strengthen, build capacity and promote best practices within these associations, groups or cooperatives.

We can help develop and implement clustering programmes to foster the co-location of different size of enterprises within a geographical location. This affords the enterprises the opportunity to pool resources in order to reap the benefit of economy of scale, gain knowledge spill-over, specialised skill and achieve greater innovative capabilities.

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