W-HBS understands that needs, rights and roles of citizens can differ substantially when it comes to contributing to the economy, society and family livelihoods, whether for gender, race, ethnicity, religion, geographical, (dis)ability status, age, HIV/AIDS status, class, or other reasons. 

If development is to effectively contribute to poverty alleviation, social equality and economic growth, it is fundamental that it is undertaken as inclusively as possible. A socially inclusive society is one where all people feel valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met so they can live in dignity. 


Policy development and implementation.
Understanding the goals and utilising the strengths of government, development agencies, non-profits and private investors to develop policies that are specific, targeted, and tap local strengths. We work with them to turn policy statements into actions that promote equality and inclusive growth.

Design and implementation of gender equity and social inclusion interventions.
We help our clients achieve greater gender equity and social inclusion in the utilization and control of resources – either as part of larger programs on health, agriculture, education, access to finance, governance, environment or as stand-alone strategies and assessments (particularly in the areas of workforce development, entrepreneurship, access to finance and advocacy).


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