W-HBS CEO Speaks To Entrepreneurs From The Technology Incubation Centre

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The Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology and the host State (Lagos State) and being coordinated by National Board of Technology Incubation with the mandate to nurture Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) involved in value addition and striking technological innovations.

The incubatees of the TIC are meant to remain in the Centre for at least three (3) years before graduation to allow continuous intake of new entrants. On this note, the management of the TIC organised a pre-graduation workshop for the entrepreneurs of the Centre on Tuesday, 9th September 2014.

Our CEO spoke to the entrepreneurs on the topic:

Opportunities For Growth Outside The Incubation Centre.

Our CEO also pledged the Firm’s support on the newly inaugurated Technical/Advisory Committee to provide support to the entrepreneurs in the Centre.