What Assembling A Dollhouse Can Teach Us About Success

Majestic Mansion Dollhouse PartsHave you ever tried to put together a dollhouse with a pile of small parts?

My sister bought a lovely dollhouse for my twin girls and they were so excited to set it up. There was only one problem. When shipping the package, it was tampered with and the assembly instruction and pictures were missing.

So the first job was to locate the product. I was fortunate to find the website (www.kidkraft.com) and product number on the packaging. I downloaded the 14-page long assembly instructions. See it for yourself here.

I have attempted some build out of gifts in my time and learnt that confusing directions can lead to frustrations, dissolutions and failure.

For anyone attempting to assemble a complicated item like a dollhouse, what is the most important part of all?

The wall? The foundation? Screws, clips?


All are very crucial, no doubt.

The important item is the …….


The twins and I followed the assembly instructions, looking at the picture and assembling the dollhouse piece by piece.  After toiling all night we were able to assemble the Majestic Mansion Dollhouse.


Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Pretty simple stuff, right? Its like getting directions before launching a road trip.

The picture is the only thing that gives us any hope at all, and keeps us going. Without a picture of what SUCCESS is, we can easily get off course. We need a crystal clear image of what we are going after.

At W-HBS, our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed. We want to help our clients achieve success of:

  • Attracting investment
  • Creating jobs
  • Growing sustainable economies
  • Offering customers better products and services
  • Realizing great personal satisfaction and wealth
  • Funding programs that make the world a better place

Do you have a picture of what success means for your business? Do you provide clarity for your team? Do you and your staff know how to measure success?

When results are not what we hope for, who is responsible for that?

I admit that sometime I also fail to define the picture, and it has cost me big time.

For a business, this picture can be defined through your Business Plan. Your Business Plan is the assembly instruction and the picture for building the business of your dreams. This is the first step to your success.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Because we are committed to helping you succeed, we want to give you several options to develop your business plan today. No more excuses! Learn more about the options here: Business Plan Options.


Do you think we (myself and the twins) did a great job with the dollhouse?

To your success!

Olanrewaju Oniyitan