Application Process

Our Little Story

Something About Us

We’re assuming that you know at least a little about W-HBS. We have a proud track record of of solving the world’s toughest challenges. Our formula for success is simple: We hire immensely talented people and give them everything they could possibly need to be brilliant at what they do.

We have a vibrant, informal culture where you’ll feel at home. You’ll make friends and develop deep professional relationships that will prove essential throughout your career, whatever your plans may be. W-HBS is competitive yet caring. You’ll be supported, listened to and intellectually stimulated every day that you’re with us. Yes, joining W-HBS will truly bring out the best in you. You’ll work across a wide range of industries, functions, client types, and issues.

initial application screening

INITIAL APPLICATION SCREENING: Only applications that comply with the instructions in the vacancy ad will be screened. When you submit your complete application, it will be assessed by the relevant member of our recruitment team, who will have been fully briefed to correlate your experience with the job. The more information you provide to demonstrate a good match the better.

case study test

CLIENTS: Working at W-HBS means taking to the big stage. Some of world class organisations choose W-HBS’ services. See our client listings and cases. The way we work is geared to the client’s business, and often you’ll be working with professionals from across the service lines to deliver a complete solution, which will give you in-depth knowledge of particular industry sectors. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be working with outstanding people and facing fresh challenges throughout your career.


INTERVIEW: We will conduct a panel interview and depending on the seniority of the role, varying number of interviews. As part of the interview, you will be asked to work through the case studies completed with your interviewers. It will involve a more in-depth discussion of your experience. You may also be asked to make a presentation or take part in a group discussion.

Hints & Tips:

  • Do plenty of background reading on the company and understand our core solution areas. Take the time to read through our website and get a sense for our vision, mission and the type of work we do. Most of our case study questions are pulled directly from our client engagements.
  • Use the Internet for practice cases and tips on how best to structure your answer. Read through these materials and find a friend with whom you can practice. The case study test will be very similar in format to these practice cases, but the subject matter will focus on both development and business challenges.
  • Look over the key competencies for the role that you are interviewing for and ensure you can show examples in your history which demonstrate these
  • Give yourself plenty of time to mentally prepare and arrive for the interview in good time, so that you feel confident and relaxed on the day
  • It is always useful to research your interviewer as much as you can to understand where there may be similarities between yourselves
  • Be clear about why you want to join us