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W-HBS designs, implements and evaluates development projects for different contexts. We bring local knowledge, technical expertise, and an impact-focused precision while delivering on-time and on-budget. Making this possible requires the ability to work across sectors and stakeholders, under circumstances in which discretion and compliance are essential. From government agencies to the private sector to civil society groups, we build partnerships, identify opportunities, and introduce levels of accountability that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Under our Program Development solution we offer the following:

Project Design

At W-HBS, we design projects/programs that impact societies, economies, and lives —  from small pilot projects to sophisticated, multi-year programs.

Project Management Unit (PMU) Set Up

We set up Project Management Units (PMUs) that will deliver on Project Development Objectives (PDOs) from the project design. Ranging from developing frameworks for Procurement, Monitoring & Evaluation, Financial Management, Communications — to recruitment of the PMU staff, training and onboarding, we ensure the structure is put in place to ensure the project success.

Project Implementation and Management

We have developed strategies, tools, and decision-making processes to ensure that our programs are agile, flexible, and can quickly adapt to changing realities on the ground. Our innovative approaches to working has enabled us to achieve outcomes that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, with the ability to adapt them to any context.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms demonstrate accountability, enable innovative and responsive programming and improve our understanding of what constitutes real impact. W-HBS’ Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practice provides leadership for evidence-based collaborative learning, using the results of our work to improve decisions affecting program outcomes. We ensure the findings, recommendations and conclusions of our evaluations are accessible to all stakeholders and contribute to collective learning.

Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

At W-HBS, the needs of everyone, especially those of the hardest to reach and the most underrepresented should be included in projects. So, we work to design and implement inclusive projects that consider social and cultural factors such as age, ability, geographic location, ethnic and religious identities, and economic status. We also integrate safeguarding measures into our programs to protect people from unintended harm, such as preventing and responding to sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse; gender-based violence; trafficking in persons; child abuse, and other forms of abuse.

Program Management Projects

Tech Training & Empowerment for Schools

Supporting the implementation process of a competition for equipping low-middle cost schools In virtual teaching skills, tools & technology due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic .....

Talent Hunt: Catalyst for Job & Wealth Creation

Creating employment opportunities for youths in the fashion industry in Nigeria using the Talent Hunt Competition as a job & wealth creation program to empower budding designers....

Program Management News

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