Project Case Study

An Intensive Training & Empowerment Program For 216 Primary Schools In Virtual Teaching Skills, Tools & Technology
An Intensive Training & Empowerment Program In Virtual Teaching Skills, Tools & Technology

Tech-Relevant Teacher Project (TRTP)

ClientBunmi Adedayo Foundation (funded by the CocaCola Foundation)
DurationFebruary 2021 - June 2021
RegionSub-Saharan Africa
SolutionProgram Management, Strategy

In March 2020, the Federal Ministry of Education approved school closures in response to the medical phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in increasing numbers of out-of-school children across the world. According to UNESCO, the pandemic has impacted the learning of 1.6 billion children. With the Global Partnership For Education (GPE) revealing that Nigeria now has approximately 20% of the total “out-of-school” children population in the world, a recourse was needed. While the Federal Government of Nigeria has been working on reducing those numbers, the impact of the pandemic has been robbing it of the gains. 

In February 2021, the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) revealed that over 60% of primary school teachers in Nigeria lack the digital literacy skills needed to effectively participate in e-learning environments.

Coca-Cola Foundation, committed to creating a better-shared future for all, supported Bunmi Adedayo Foundation’s Tech Relevant Teacher (TRT) Project with $52,725 to address this challenge. 

The Opportunity

The Tech Relevant Teacher Project (TRTP) is a Bunmi Adedayo Foundation initiative, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation. BAF intended to bring children back into the learning net through the TRTP. The project was designed to train 200 low and middle cost primary schools (school heads & teachers) in virtual teaching skills and technologies required to improve the learning experience. It also introduced virtual teaching into schools who do not have the resources and skills to do so by supporting them with hardware and software resources.

A 5-month project (between February and June 2021) designed to directly impact 600 beneficiaries (200 School Heads, 200 Math Teachers and 200 English teachers) and indirectly reach over 1,400 teachers. The trainings were delivered both virtually while the mentoring was blended.

The project was also designed to equip 30 schools with a content production suite which would provide a conducive environment and tools required for professional content development. The educational content produced across these schools would be uploaded to a central LMS where it will be subsequently used to promote learning across various communities in Nigeria.

W-Holistic Business Solutions responded to a Request for Proposal from BAF to be the Implemention Partner for the project.

Our Solution

W-HBS facilitated the project from pre-planning to close out (from a mobilization perspective).

To achieve this W-HBS did the following:

  • Pre-Project Planning & Preparation W-HBS supported Bunmi Adedayo Foundation (BAF) on the TRTP Online Application Form for project beneficiary entries. We also worked alongside BAF and the Communications Partner (Donors for Africa) to develop media assets for print, website and social media campaigns.
  • Flag Off CeremonyOn February 3rd, W-HBS was part of the partners of The Bunmi Adedayo Foundation (BAF) at the flag-off of the Tech-Relevant Teacher Project (TRTP), sponsored by The Coca-Cola Foundation. The event was attended by all partner organizations, Coca-Cola Foundation, BAF Board Directors and the press
  • MobilizationMobilization of applicants commenced on Tuesday, 3rd February 2021 with the flag off ceremony. We conducted virtual sensitization programs for school associations, groups and networks in the entire 6 Education Districts of Lagos State, Nigeria: elaborating the programme impact and benefits, with constant display of the promotional and marketing materials and follow-up.
  • Screening and SelectionFollowing the mobilization we received four hundred and eighty (480) applications. We identified, screened and selected the eligible two hundred and sixteen (216) schools across Lagos State that met the criteria that was agreed on for participation in the Tech-Relevant Teacher Project (TRP).
  • AnnouncementUsing branded email communication and follow-up calls, we informed the 216 leaders of all the selected schools of their selection as a beneficiary to participate in the project. We also created a platform for all the leaders of the selected schools for constant follow up and dissemination of necessary information.
  • Training Implementation SupportWe took active part in the orientation, conference, demo sessions for the project beneficiaries, welcome/introductory video and baseline knowledge testing module opening, welcome /introductory and baseline knowledge testing module opening. Over 480 beneficiaries completed the 8-module course on the BAF LMS while over 250 became Microsoft Certified Educators, because of the Project. Among all the beneficiaries, Top 50 schools emerged based on all the following parameters: i. Average Course Quiz Scores, ii. Course Completion, iii. Attendance to Zoom Trainings and Sessions iv. Microsoft Innovative Educator Certifications v. Video Production Contest, and vi. Interview with School Heads.
  • Selection of 30 Grantee SchoolsW-HBS as the mobilization partner took charge of the selection of the 30 Grantee schools. The final selection of the 30 Grantee schools was based on the course work completion (70%), video production contest (20%) and School Head virtual interview (10%). W-HBS Grant Judging Panel assessed the video contest. The videos were reviewed and scored on 18th April, 2021 by the 3-man panel and also quality assured by W-HBS Project Team. For the interview session the Grantee schools were divided into 3 batches and it was conducted for 2 days with each Grantee school spending 15 minutes on the interview. Nine (9) interviewers were engaged, three (3) interviewers per batch. W-HBS and BAF teams coordinated the interviews.
  • Grantees Award Ceremony On Monday 3rd May 2021, W-HBS took active part in the Grantees Award Ceremony where 30 Schools were award grants to support their content production and digitization. Each grantee school received a Core i3 Computer, Headset with Microphone, an external PC Speaker, Participation in 3 Weeks subject expert mentoring in Math and English, participation in Advanced Content Production Master Class and eligible to compete for their own customized Learning Management System, courtesy of the Bunmi Adedayo Foundation.
  • Accountability TrainingW-HBS designed and conducted the Accountability Training for all the 30 Grantee schools of the BAF Tech-Relevant Teacher Project. At the end of the training each grantee school understood the following: MENTOR-MENTEE RELATIONSHIP: Clarity was provided on the Mentor-Mentee relationship and expectations. SKILLS REQUIRED: The beneficiaries understood the skills required for accountability and how it relates to this phase of the BAF Tech-Relevant Teacher Project. PROJECT TIMELINES: The 30 Grantee schools were also provided with tools and templates to be used for this phase of the project. The training was an Instructor-led interactive full participation, with lot of exercises involved. The participants were grouped into 4 to brainstorm and come out with the framework of BAF expectation in the next phase of the Project. Each of the group gave a presentation of the expectation framework.
  • Post-Training Accountability MonitoringW-HBS’ role in this phase was to ensure all hands were on deck from the Grantee schools and Mentors/Subject experts’ side. W-HBS ensured accountability via phone calls, text messages, WhatsApp group and the online Daily Project Status Report. The online Daily Project Status Report template was shared with the grantee schools in order to monitor and ensure they are working according to the Mentor/Subject Expert instruction and to also quickly diagnose any Project Constraints or Risks as the project progresses.

The Results

W-HBS is proud to have worked on implementing this impactful project aimed at improving learning outcomes in primary education in Nigeria. Below are the project results:

  • 24,000 students impacted with access to quality virtual education in their schools as a result of the training.
  • 648 school leaders and classroom teachers were trained
  • 216 low-middle cost schools benefitted from the intervention
  • Trainee got access to over 2,000 hands-on interactive learning content created in adaptive formats
  • 30 schools were granted a Core i3 Computer, Headset with Microphone and an external PC Speaker
  • 20 schools completed upload of courses on the BALEARNER LMS.
  • 3 schools received free Learning Management System (LMS): (1) Guided Steps School (2) Barachel Nursery and Primary School (3) Rev. Emmanuel Oyeleke Ashamu Nursery and Primary School

Feedback From Client and Funder

Bunmi Adedayo Foundation needed to mobilize teachers and school leaders for its Tech-Relevant Teacher Project (TRTP) in a little less than four weeks. With over one thousand eligible candidates and only 200 schools needed to enrol into the programme, we had to engage a professional who had good knowledge of the sector. That professional was W-HBS as they already had some long standing relationship with low-cost schools in Lagos State.

The result of this collaboration was quite amazing as W-HBS developed a logic model to select the final beneficiaries for the project. They were also involved in on boarding the beneficiaries and held them accountable to all project activities till the end of the project.

Thank you W-HBS for your consistency in producing results and making the Tech-Relevant Teacher Project (TRTP) a success.

Femi MartinsProgram Director, Bunmi Adedayo Foundation

The Tech Relevant Teacher Project could not have been initiated at a more opportune time as it significantly impacted the education sector in Nigeria.We could not be more delighted at the outcome of this project. 

We were aware of the effects of the pandemic on access to quality education, especially within low-income communities and we decided to act. With support from our implementing partners, Bunmi Adedayo Foundation, we are proud to have contributed significantly to closing the gap in education between underserved and privileged communities. Through our partnership, thousands of underserved children now have access to quality education while teachers have been empowered with relevant competencies in virtual teaching tools to facilitate quality education for years to come.

Nwamaka OnyemelukweDirector, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Coca-Cola Nigeria

Latest Client Updates

Even after a project ends, W-HBS continues to follow up on its clients and the progress of the projects through our M&E unit. Below are the latest updates of the TRTP project:

  • In December 2021, Coca-Cola (Tech-Relevant Teacher Project) was nominated as a finalist for the Sustainability Enterprise and Responsibility (SERAS) CSR Awards Africa 2021 under the Education Intervention of the Year.
  • Bunmi Adedayo Foundation has continued to advocate for and provide Teacher Development & Training Intervention programs in both public and private schools