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W-HBS helps its clients to research, design and execute their strategies using an approach that creates measurable, lasting impact. No institution exists in isolation. Each one operates in an “ecosystem” – a complex network of people, cultures, processes, and (sometimes competing) interests – where alignment around a shared strategy can result in transformative value for the benefit of all. We create clarity of purpose, alignment of stakeholders, and accountability for everyone involved.

Under our Research & Strategy solution we offer the following:


W-HBS Research brings together sectoral expertise and perspectives from the ground to drive insight to action. Through research publications and ecosystem engagement, we co-create strategies and partnerships to galvanise impact and create benchmarks, frameworks and toolkits to influence effective decision-making in the ecosystem.

Corporate Strategy

We provide insights that help our clients make integrated strategic choices, achieving exceptional results. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that fit their needs and fulfil their strategic ambitions. We define & develop a roadmap towards achieving desired results whether it be an early stage strategic plan, expansion/growth plan, exit plan, public policy……. or developed for operational purposes, investors, bank, grant,  … or developing sector specific business models or market assessments.

Government Strategy

W-HBS helps governments develop and execute their vision and goals. The result is a comprehensive process that integrates government entities, processes, people and tools to deliver superior value for its citizens.

Enterprise linkages, cooperation and clustering

A lot of enterprises are not aware of the economic opportunity out in the local or international market. We help promote enterprise linkages that will improve their bottom-line. W-HBS can help large corporates and multinationals identify MSMEs as suppliers and develop them. Our team is equipped to enhance supplier readiness to trade on a national and international level.

We support cooperation amongst enterprises either as associations, groups or cooperatives. Cooperation plays a key role in building inclusive ecosystems and can bolster the ability of firms of all sizes to grow and create jobs. We strengthen, build capacity and promote best practices within these associations, groups or cooperatives.

We can help develop and implement clustering programmes to foster the co-location of different size of enterprises within a geographical location. This affords the enterprises the opportunity to pool resources in order to reap the benefit of economy of scale, gain knowledge spill-over, specialised skill and achieve greater innovative capabilities.


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