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The success of every business is dependent on the skills of its employees. Similarly, the success of every economy is dependent on the availability of a skilled workforce that can serve the sectors where growth can be best achieved. However, in many developing countries there is a gap between the demand for skills that can help businesses to grow and develop products and services for their markets, and the supply of skills from within the domestic labour market. W-HBS provides services required to address gaps such as obsolete skills due to declining industries, oversupply of skills in areas of limited economic benefit, under-supply of skills for new and emerging industries, amongst others.

Under our Human Capital Development solution we offer the following:

Personal Development

Our “Advantage” training offers a complete package to develop an organisation’s human capacity and advance their business. We have results-driven courses in our curriculum ranging from 2 hours to 3 days delivered as an Open Workshop, In-House Training and Group-on-Demand. Our training programs are facilitated only by seasoned certified professionals – who are able to draw case studies and examples from real life global and local experience.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Build the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset invaluable to developing innovative, impactful solutions to today’s problems.

Management, Leadership & Productivity: Enhance your management, leadership and productivity skills via core business competencies including strategy, sales, operations, finance, HR & more. 

Custom Courses: We can design a custom training program for you and/or your team tailored to address a peculiar needs and issues linked to your business strategy and organisation culture.


We develop and implement labour adjustment programmes to help workers transition from declining industries into areas of economic growth.

Apprenticeship & Internship Schemes

We design and support the implementation of schemes to improve the skills of school leavers for different industries, whilst offering access to employment.

Technical & Vocational Education Training (TVET)

We design and manage the delivery of TVET programmes linked to industry and sector demands and underpinned by effective workforce development policy, planning and research. We develop nationally accredited competency-based systems frameworks informed by labour market analysis and skills mapping and assessment. We liaise with industry and other partners to create employment pathways and deliver employability skills that lead to job placement.

Rural Development

We have taken the position that ‘no-one should be disadvantaged by their location’. We can develop and/or help implement rural enterprise support programmes for government, organisations, development agencies, non-profits. Specifically we are interested in programmes that promotes both farm and non-farm rural enterprises.

Human Capital Development Projects

Taking Africa’s Herbal Remedies to the World

Providing data-driven insight, strategic planning & structuring for the manufacturer of Jobelyn towards improving livelihoods of rural family farmers.....

Talent Hunt: Catalyst for Job & Wealth Creation

Creating employment opportunities for youths in the fashion industry in Nigeria using the Talent Hunt Competition as a job & wealth creation program to empower budding designers....

Human Capital Development News

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