Project Case Study

Taking Africa's Herbal Remedies To The World With Jobelyn
Improving livelihoods of rural family farmers in West Africa

Taking Africa's Herbal Remedies To The World

ClientHealth Forever Products Limited
Duration2013 - 2016
RegionSub-Saharan Africa
SolutionStrategy, Finance, Organisational Development, Human Capital Development

Since the dawn of modern man, the sorghum plant in West Africa has been used by humans as a daily health supplement. Ancient africans valued sorghum for its variety of benefits, including blood building, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and overall wellness benefits. They also believed in much more powerful claims such as aiding in the curing of sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and other more serious ailments.

Sorghum is an ancient grain from West Africa. Originating as a grass many millennia ago, sorghum has been cultivated over time by ancient Africans into a plant with large grains, similar to the journey that grassy corn has taken to be the edible plant we know today. Sorghum bicolor is a drought resistant and heat tolerant plant. Although varieties of sorghum are grown in many parts of the world, sorghum bicolor is native to West Africa and grows best in its original, arid climate.

Partnering directly with rural family farmers in Nigeria and West Africa to grow sorghum, the main ingredient of Jobelyn, sits at the core of the business. In many rural areas of West Africa, farming can be an unstable way of life. Selling crops directly to consumers is a fickle industry and takes up more than half of a farmer’s time that otherwise could be spent on growing. By working directly with local farmers to grow only sorghum that Jobelyn purchases in full every year, little by little they can provide stability to these rural families.

The Opportunity

Health Forever Products Limited (HFPL), the manufacturer of health remedies that assists the human body to fight against and prevent the causes of life threatening diseases was looking to formally launch its flagship product, Jobelyn to the rest of the world.

Jobelyn is a multi functional natural dietary supplement made from Sorghum bicolour with very high anti-oxidant capacity. It supports and enhances the natural anti-inflammatory functions of the body , whilst also creating a conducive and stable Immune System with it’s unique properties with which it can help the body repair and defend itself against life threatening disease condition.

The management of HFPL approached W-Holistic Business Solutions to support in evaluating which country to pilot, developing the market entry strategy and helping to structure the organisation in readiness for scale

Our Solution

W-HBS extracted and analysed HFPL’s Paypal account to access the online customers to locate the countries where their products were mostly purchased. We then developed a questionnaire that was administered to the customers from the top three locations globally to understand drivers and barriers to the purchase. Finally we analysed the results, focusing on the client’s pressing questions. The insights provided helped us in supporting the development of a market entry strategy for Jobelyn in the selected pilot country.

As part of its readiness to become a global organisation and to also be able to raise finance, W-HBS developed HFPL’s business plan, coordinated the fund raising process for factory expansion, provided organisational development and human capital development services. Specifically we worked on management structure, manpower audit, HR policy manual, executive search and selection to fill key management vacancies, compensation systems and staff training.

The Results

We are happy to be the advisers to Health Forever Products Limited and the success of this company we believe is yet to be fully realised. We are proud of our past, current and continuous work with HFPL. Some of the results of our work so far include:

  • Clear identification of the U.S. market as the market to pilot based on the Paypal customer analysis.
  • Structured organisation in Nigeria to manage local operations and clear directions for the US subsidiary to manage the US and international operations.
  • Following the implementation of the market entry strategy developed, online sales has been on the rise leading to increased demand for sorghum.
  • Increased sorghum demand has created more & better jobs for rural family farmers in Nigeria & other regions of West Africa.
  • Funding offer for factory expansion and raw materials from the Bank of Industry, Nigeria.

Feedback From Client

You have brought meaning into business organization, structure and management. I can see and feel our company as a blue-chip company. All thanks to you…

Abimbola OkubenaDirector, Health Forever Products Limited

Latest Client Updates

Even after a project ends, W-HBS continues to follow up on its clients and the progress of the projects through our M&E unit. Below are the latest updates of from Health Forever Products Limited:

  • HFPL has been registered in the US as Jobelyn Health Supplements.
  • Supported by science. Perfected through extensive clinical trial and testing. Jobelyn Health Supplements has developed a proprietary blend of Sorghum bicolor whole leaf powder has a higher proven Oxygen Radical Absorbance Rating (ORAC) rating than 13 well-known antioxidant-rich fruits combined, making it a super food.
  • Markets for Jobelyn® Sorghum bicolor whole leaf powder include beverages, bakeries, human food and drink products, pet medicine and edible pet products.