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Business Advocacy & Reforms


In many developing countries, businesses both large and small face a challenging business environment. Unfavourable and bureaucratic laws, policies and regulations deter the investment and job creation vital to generating sustainable and inclusive growth. Governments also suffer from a bad business environment through low compliance rates, lost tax revenues and low foreign investment. Effective advocacy and reforms are ways of delivering a sustained improvement in the business environment.

We work on various advocacy issues, supporting advocacy organisations to be more effective advocates, facilitating public-private dialogues, providing research, building and coordinating coalitions. We also work with government to improve consultation with the private sector.

Under our Business Advocacy & Reforms solution we offer the following:

Business Environment Reforms

We work across a wide variety of business environment reform issues, such as business registration, taxation, investment promotion, policy and regulation, amongst others. 


We strengthen the business membership organisations to be more effective advocates on behalf of their members and audiences. We support them to build sound governance, develop their strategy, promote best practices and facilitate effective public-private dialogue. We provide relevant and impactful research to support advocacy initiatives. On the other hand, we also work with governments to improve the way they consult with the private sector.

Coalition Building

We help organise private sector coalitions of of business and professional associations to advocate for specific policy reforms that improve the business environment and make public officials more accountable to their constituent.

Business Advocacy & Reforms Projects

Business Advocacy & Reforms News

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