Olayiwola Adeyemi

W-HBS Alumni

Life At W-HBS

I heard about W-HBS on a job search site and decided to look them up online because of the attractiveness and level of detail in their job advert. They stimulated my interest to not just apply but to probe into the organisation.

I came in as a Trainee Consultant.

The experience was a defining point in my career as it was my first real peek into the world of consulting. Because of the lean team structure, I got to take up significant responsibility and I worked directly with top management in the SMEs I worked with. I also consider the leadership of the firm as enabling, in terms of creating the right environment for growth and learning. It built my confidence to transit into a bigger consulting role afterwards.

My major career aspiration was to work in a global consulting firm as a management consultant. Working with W-HBS gave me a platform to build, in a relatively short period, my commercial awareness, business knowledge, project management, presentation skills and inter-personal skills as well as learning how to manage-up.

I left W-HBS to KPMG Professional Services, one of the Big Four accounting firms in the Management Consulting division.

My advice for new hires is to do give your best to what you are doing. Soak up everything you can and more importantly, take initiative. I know the ability to take initiative and self-start is a very admirable trait of the W-HBS person.