Toluwalope Oluwaluyi

W-HBS Alumni

Life At W-HBS

Rigorous, demanding, painstaking yet pleasurable and fulfilling —this describes my experience at W-Holistic Business Solutions. In May/June 2013, I stumbled upon a recruitment advert for Trainee Consultants on a popular job site. I was drawn by the ad because it was different from the regular ads and it was a masterpiece, coming from an indigenous firm. I got interested and sent in my application. I had recently finished my Masters degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Lagos and was seeking a new career path. Luckily, I was shortlisted and called for a test. The test was a unique one as well. I had written employment tests in the past but this was just different. I got more interested and wrote my brains out applying knowledge learned to solving real life business problems and situations captured by the test. I passed the test and was called for an interview. The interview went smoothly as it was more like a chat with the interviewer. I later picked up an offer and started work on the first day of August 2013 alongside two other colleagues.

My first day at work, my colleague and I attended a meeting with the CEO where she tried to sell our human resource outsourcing service to a prospective client. It was quite a unique first day at work. We had training and induction later that day and for a few days afterwards. However, I must say the whole period of my employment at W-HBS was a training session. Everyday, I learnt something new and different.

I got to serve as Human Resource Business Partner to five different clients and managed recruitment jobs for many others. Most of my tasks revolved around fulfilling all the requirements needed and the actual setting up of human resource departments, restructuring human resource departments and recruitment. It was indeed very thorough. I worked with clients from the automobile, dry-cleaning, information technology, neutraceutical and educational sectors. As I learnt on the job, I delivered to clients almost immediately so there was no chance to get slack at tasks. Clients demanded results and we had to provide results on time. It was really tasking because each client is different and has specific needs and hence, solutions provided must be tailored to fit the business model of the respective client. For instance, career paths designed for the dry-cleaning company could not be same with those designed for the automobile company because they do not run the same business models.

As we worked for clients we also had our internal projects as well. I helped in the development of the ‘WorkLifeBetter’ welfare product developed for SMEs and also helped to develop some templates for the department. I learnt hard and worked smart. From human resource strategy, performance management, compensation and benefits, recruitment to other non-human resource duties required by clients, it was indeed a rich experience that I appreciate a lot. Even though it was challenging and quite tough, it was rewarding as I learnt so much. I also got to work with some of the best talents as we all learnt from each other. Everyone had something to bring to the table. I had great colleagues and bosses. Our team was a notable one. Unfortunately, I had to move out of town so, sadly, I tendered my resignation the following year.

Following resignation from the firm, I moved on to work at Toteam Construction Company in Abuja where I supervise its staff at the head office and its construction sites. I must mention that the intensity and pace of work at W-HBS inculcated valuable work ethics in me that prepared me for my future role.

If you’re looking to work with W-HBS, you have to think ahead of your client. Hence you must be a very intelligent and smart thinker who is resourceful, patient and willing to do research to find solutions to prevailing situations. I would advise you hone the following skills while preparing for the job.

  • Technology Skills. Your computer is your voice in W-HBS. If you aren’t a proficient user of the computer, “sorry is your case”. *smiles*
  • Communication Skills. Your spoken and written English must be on point. You should be flexible enough to speak appropriately and effectively to your client’s staff – a Security Guard this minute and to the Chief Executive Officer the next minute.
  • Interpersonal Skills. You would work with different people from different walks of life. From your colleagues at W-HBS to staff of different client firms in different sectors, you need to relate well with everyone.
  • Organisation, Planning & Multi-tasking Skills. You would have multiple tasks to attend to, so you need to be able to prioritize and plan your jobs systematically so that you achieve good progress with all your tasks in good time
  • Time Management Skills. This is very important as you would be working with several clients and would have deadlines to meet. Its expedient that you provide results at times agreed.

If you can successfully work at W-HBS, you can work anywhere! W-HBS provided me with a solid foundation for my career in Human Resources. If you are selfless, smart, strong-willed, teachable, focused, and resilient, it could provide the same for you in your field. Cheers!!