Our Little Story

Something About Us

We’re assuming that you know at least a little about W-HBS. We have a proud track record of of solving the world’s toughest challenges. Our formula for success is simple: We hire immensely talented people and give them everything they could possibly need to be brilliant at what they do.

We have a vibrant, informal culture where you’ll feel at home. You’ll make friends and develop deep professional relationships that will prove essential throughout your career, whatever your plans may be. W-HBS is competitive yet caring. You’ll be supported, listened to and intellectually stimulated every day that you’re with us. Yes, joining W-HBS will truly bring out the best in you. You’ll work across a wide range of industries, functions, client types, and issues.


IMPART: Our strategic intent as a whole stirs us to take on the world’s toughest problems. Everything we do on a daily basis is a step towards making the world a better place. Despite this, we still go a step further to take an active interest in the society we work within and have regularly gone beyond our project work to support other initiatives in line with our vision and mission. For more details on our initiatives over the years, visit our CSR Case Studies


CLIENTS: Working at W-HBS means taking to the big stage. Some of world class organisations choose W-HBS’ services. See our client listings and cases. The way we work is geared to the client’s business, and often you’ll be working with professionals from across the service lines to deliver a complete solution, which will give you in-depth knowledge of particular industry sectors. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll be working with outstanding people and facing fresh challenges throughout your career.

career accelerator

CAREER ACCELERATOR: W-HBS is a career accelerator so the experience, exposure and learnings you will gain in a short amount of time will prove invaluable – just two or three years at W-HBS will open doors that others could not even fathom. Whether you continue to progress within the Firm, and deliver lasting results, or pursue the next step in your long-term career plan outside of W-HBS, we offer the best practical learning environment. Those who decide to leave us are equipped with a unique and transferable skill-set that enables them to run organizations of any size and thrive in any industry. Our alumni have gone ahead to work in large organisations, founded or co-founded their own businesses or non-profits and achieved other great strides.