W-Holistic Business Solutions delivers real impact, value and results through projects supporting economic growth and development. We work closely with entrepreneurs, international and local private sector actors, federal and state governments, development agencies, academia, membership-based organisations and non-profits in a range of sectors. > Click to learn more about our solutions 

Featured Client Result Stories

How developing a business model and making it a reality with debt financing, organisational design and implementation support catapulted the brand into the No. 1 Taxi brand in Nigeria. Over a 110 jobs were created with the launch of the business.

How an automobile dealership transformed to a Group with 8 subsidiaries. The Group has recorded financial, people and portfolio growth which surpassed the 5-year Growth Plan defined at the retreat we facilitated in Accra, Ghana.

How a consulting oriented value-added reseller (VAR) experienced tremendous increase in sales and customer service levels through a cheaper solution to media advertising. This training not only helped the company but helped in employee development.

How W-HBS worked with NACCIMA on its Public-Private-Dialogue for an enabling business environment following complaints about lapses observed in the operations of the intervention funds floated by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

How adding value to nature’s remedy from Africa is now available to the rest of the world through market insight, strategic business planning, organisational design and funding for production expansion. Over 25 jobs are sustained and 15 jobs to be created.


Partner with W-HBS for your social impact projects to empower entrepreneurs. We work with:

  • Private Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Developmental/Aid Agencies
  • Academia
  • Non-Governmental Organsations (NGOs)/Foundations/Trusts
  • Membership-Based Organisations (MBO)

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Meet Our Team

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